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Poetry rains from the skies in Berlin

15th September 201015 09 2010

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has again assisted in a high-profile public art event dropping bookmarks containing poetry on cities that have subjected to aerial bombing raids.

Following last year’s successful event held in Warsaw, the charter specialist’s Germany team helped in arrangements for the Berlin ‘Bombing of Poems’ spectacle by arranging an Augusta A-109 helicopter charter with Rotorflug to drop a hundred thousand poems printed on bookmarks over the streets of the German capital.

Thousands of people took to the streets to witness the display and catch the bookmarks, whose poems were written by an array of contemporary poets.

The drop, held on August 28, was the fifth “poetry rain” project from Chilean art collective Casagrande, which has arranged previous poetry bombing events in Santiago de Chile (2001), Dubrovnik (2002), Gernika (2004) and Warsaw (2009) – all cities which, like Berlin, have suffered severe aerial bombings during their history

The idea behind the Bombing of Poems is to contrast terrifying acts of war designed to kill and injure civilians and destroy civic morale with the power of peace poems inspiring hope and forgiveness.

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