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Chapman Freeborn's support of Zambia wind pump projects - latest update

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering is delighted to be able to share a brief update from the Zambian wind pump projects we are supporting as a company.

The Estelle Trust reports that a further five wind pumps that have been manufactured in the Songhor workshop are being installed now the rains have finished. Their target is to have 10 sites fully installed and operational by the end of August.

So far this year Chapman Freeborn and its clients have donated a total of five pumps - which are not only environmentally friendly, but have a dramatic impact in the communities in which they have been installed.

The Estelle Trust:

The Estelle Trust is a UK registered charity promoting sustainable development projects in rural Zambia. Harnessing the power of the wind, clean water is pumped for irrigating subsistence farms and for the benefit of communal facilities such as schools, clinics and orphanages.

Less than 50% of the rural population of Zambia has access to clean, sustainable water supplies. The rectifying of this situation in many countries across the globe is one of the key Millennial Development Goals and the reason why the UN declared 2005-2015 to be the "Water for Life" Decade for Action.

Making donations:

Each individual wind pump project costs the Estelle Trust approximately $20,000 to manufacture and install. We encourage our charter clients to support this initiative by donating either a full wind pump or making a contribution towards the sum of a project.

- 100% of every donation goes to the costs of manufacturing and installing, there are no administration fees

- All contributors will receive a six-monthly update of the Estelle Trust's work in Zambia

- Groups/individuals donating a full installation will receive details of the community which they have endowed with a proper water supply and photos of the project implementation

For more information please visit: http://www.chapman-freeborn.com/environment/

29th June 2009