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Humanitarian Aid

Chapman Freeborn has been involved in nearly every emergency airlift of the last 40 years. Our dedicated Rescue, Evacuation & Aid Charter Team (REACT) are specialists in rapid response, including:

We can also supply flight managers and round the clock support both on the ground and via our flight operations team. Often the most lives are saved in the immediate hours and days following a disaster and we are proud to be a part of a speedy and efficient response.

Aid Agency Flights / Search & Rescue

Chapman Freeborn REACT coordinates ad hoc and large-scale humanitarian cargo charter operations for international aid agencies, governments, and other aid providers.

We also assist in passenger movements for NGOs, having evacuated personnel and civilians from war zones around the world; provided executive charter services for officials conducting urgent diplomatic tours and fact-finding missions; and flown search and rescue (SAR) teams with dogs and specialised equipment into disaster-stricken locations.

Corporate Evacuation Charters

As more companies enter the global market place and tourists travel further afield then ever before, governments and private corporations are increasingly aware of the need to have emergency response plans in place. REACT can form an important part of the contingency planning process, providing evacuation air charter services for foreign nationals and employees who work or travel in sensitive areas around the world.

Medical Evacuation Charters

Chapman Freeborn REACT arranges worldwide medevac and time-critical air charter flights for patients, corporations, and insurance providers. Our global network of offices provides immediate access to an extensive range of air ambulance operators worldwide. Our aim is to ensure patients are provided a first-rate service consistent with our core values of safety, security and discretion.