IL-76 cargo charter for outsize part helps keep oil facility open

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering and Volga-Dnepr Airlines have helped to keep a key oil facility open by delivering a time-critical outsize part from Switzerland to Brazil. A 28-ton rotor was flown from Zurich (ZRH) to Salvador (SSA) on an Ilyushin-76TD-90VD freighter aircraft, chartered by Chapman Freeborn on behalf of an oil and gas industry client. With ... Read the full article

Chapman Freeborn and Ruslan International deliver special gift to mark Armenian centenary commemorations

Chapman Freeborn and Ruslan International have completed a special and very significant assignment to Armenia to deliver broadcasting equipment from Tianjin in China to the capital city, Yerevan. The equipment was a gift from the people of China to the people of Armenia to ensure TV coverage of the country’s centenary commemorations, which remembers the ... Read the full article

The Top 5 Trending Travel Destinations

1. Papua New Guinea Until recently, Papua New Guinea had been infamously difficult to reach. Due to its mountainous landscape, traversing the country was always a tricky task, and without high levels of tourism, there was no way to fund transportation routes between all of Papua New Guinea’s attractions. As a result, the number of ... Read the full article

Does the A380 have a future?

April 2015 marked the 10 year anniversary of the Airbus A380’s maiden flight. In 2005, the aircraft was an engineering marvel and even today, not too much has changed. A decade since it took to the skies, the aircraft is still the largest passenger airliner in the world, and by quite a long way – ... Read the full article

Enjoy the Dolomites with the ultimate in luxury

When choosing the ultimate escape, if you’re after great views, a scattering of adventure mixed with pure indulgence and relaxation, then look no further than the Dolomites. This mountain range located in North Eastern Italy, extends from the River Adige in the West, to the Piave Valley in the East. When planning a trip to ... Read the full article

Top 5 Luxury Meeting Venues in Brazil

Nowadays, the majority of meetings with other firms are held over the phone or via webchat services, and the amount of face to face conferences are few and far between. On the odd occasion that the latter is essential, there is a great opportunity to host the event at a luxury retreat – it should ... Read the full article

A Quick Guide to the The Boeing B777

The Boeing B777 deservedly takes pride of place within the fleet of most major airlines around the world. Commonly known at the Triple Seven, the aircraft boasts a fantastic reputation within the industry due to its outstanding performance and reliability. Since its introduction in July of 1995, Boeing has expanded the B777 range to six ... Read the full article

5 Luxury Resorts with their own Airstrip

Luxury is being in a state of great comfort and style, and there are many resorts around the world that pride themselves in offering this standard of service. Hotels that stand by this reputation guarantee first class catering and amenities, alongside outstanding dining options and guest activities. However, there are a few that go the ... Read the full article

Anticipation grows for the world’s largest fixed-wing aircraft

Last month saw the first real-life glimpses of the half-finished Stratolaunch carrier aircraft, which when complete will take the crown of the largest airplane in the world. Brainchild of Microsoft founder Paul Allen and SpaceShipOne co-creator Burt Rutan, the monstrous plane will have a wingspan of 385-feet (117-metres) and is designed to launch orbital rockets ... Read the full article

5 seriously heavy and outsize cargo charters

When it comes to charter brokers, no other name in the industry carries more weight than Chapman Freeborn. Since our first L-100 Hercules charter over 40 years ago, we’ve built up a global network of locations and developed niche expertise with both Russian and Western-built freighters that regularly sees us move some of the world’s ... Read the full article