5 Luxury Resorts with their own Airstrip

Luxury is being in a state of great comfort and style, and there are many resorts around the world that pride themselves in offering this standard of service. Hotels that stand by this reputation guarantee first class catering and amenities, alongside outstanding dining options and guest activities. However, there are a few that go the ... Read the full article

Anticipation grows for the world’s largest fixed-wing aircraft

Last month saw the first real-life glimpses of the half-finished Stratolaunch carrier aircraft, which when complete will take the crown of the largest airplane in the world. Brainchild of Microsoft founder Paul Allen and SpaceShipOne co-creator Burt Rutan, the monstrous plane will have a wingspan of 385-feet (117-metres) and is designed to launch orbital rockets ... Read the full article

5 seriously heavy and outsize cargo charters

When it comes to charter brokers, no other name in the industry carries more weight than Chapman Freeborn. Since our first L-100 Hercules charter over 40 years ago, we’ve built up a global network of locations and developed niche expertise with both Russian and Western-built freighters that regularly sees us move some of the world’s ... Read the full article

The History of Flight

In our new animated graphic ‘The History of Flight’ we’ve highlighted some of the most important milestones from the past 112 years of aviation. From the Wright Brothers’ first twelve second flight over a North Carolinian beach, to the first ever jet-powered passenger aircraft, this animated short takes you on a journey through aviation history, ... Read the full article

Exclusive time-lapse videos: Boeing B747-400F loading cargo

The Boeing 747-400F is the all-cargo variant of the B747-400 family. Considered the reliable workhorse of the air cargo industry, the aircraft entered commercial service in 1993, and well-over 100 models have been delivered since. The B747-400F is widely used by Chapman Freeborn for cargo charters, as well as long term lease contracts. A main ... Read the full article

Global oil prices and the consumer

As many will have noted, or indeed witnessed, a large percentage of petrol stations across the UK are now extending this reduction in oil price to the consumer. This is a far cry from when the only movement the consumer saw was an upward rise or a steady levelling at best. Many consumers have rightfully ... Read the full article

A Michelin-starred culinary journey by private jet

With most people heading to London for the world class shopping on offer during the festive season, there are a few that visit for a different kind of experience. Chapman Freeborn has joined forces with COMO Hotels & Resorts to launch a new culinary journey by private jet. Your adventure begins with private jet transfers ... Read the full article