The Top 8 Cities to Fly Over in a Private Jet

In contrast to our post focussing on aerial views of places you didn’t know existed, we decided to take a look at the aerial spectacles some of the most famous destinations on Earth have to offer. Generally, business and leisure travellers utilise private jet charter as a highly convenient means of accessing some of the ... Read the full article

Bombardier launches unique combi variant of the Q400 Aircraft

Earlier in the month, Bombardier Aerospace launched a brand-new version of its versatile Q400 NextGen aircraft, an air cargo-passenger combi configuration that is set to cater for new markets. The combi Q400 NextGen aircraft is available in various configurations, but the lay-out that provides the highest payload capabilities offers up to 8,200 lb. of cargo ... Read the full article

What is the ultimate flying palace? VIP airliner comparison

The image of private aircraft charter is glamorous enough – it’s all about the legroom, plush interiors and a cabin free from crying children and large elbowed row-sharers. Nonetheless, the stereotypical private charter is a relatively small jet – offering luxury up to 50,000 feet at a compact 20 metres from front to back. However, ... Read the full article

Chapman Freeborn offers private jet charter directly into world-famous La Nava shooting estate

We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with La Nava, a world-renowned partridge shooting estate in the Castilla-La Mancha region in Spain. The first partnership of its kind for the prestigious estate, guests are able to take advantage of the estate’s private tarmac runway. The surprisingly large airstrip is capable of accommodating anything from ... Read the full article

Chapman Freeborn provides charter flights for European search and rescue exercise

Chapman Freeborn’s passenger team has coordinated charter flights for search and rescue specialists taking part in a full-scale training exercise with participating agencies from across Europe. The Modex 2013-2014 event in Estonia aimed to give rescue teams the opportunity to test European cooperation in the realistic environment of a disaster response exercise. Participants from Austria, Estonia, ... Read the full article

Intradco set for global expansion in animal transport services

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering is delighted to announce a major expansion plan for our subsidiary Intradco Cargo Services which will see the company extend its animal transport operations on a worldwide basis. We are initiating a worldwide growth strategy following the successful integration of the company into our business over the last three months. Read the ... Read the full article

Autonomous freight drones: A revolution in Air Cargo?

In the past decade autonomous drones have been subject to a huge amount of media attention, a large percentage of which has been decidedly controversial. As a result, the first thing many people think of when they hear the word ‘drone’ is their combative role in military operations. In recent times however, vast improvements in ... Read the full article