The Mexican Riviera – Luxury, History and Aquatic Activity

When you are taking off on your private charter jet to luxury sun, sea and relaxation the Maldives often comes first to mind. However, stretched across 120km of the Caribbean coastline on Mexico’s north-eastern Yucatán Peninsula lies this picturesque country’s jewel – the Riviera Maya. Boasting a tourist corridor of luxury hotels, first class cuisine ... Read the full article

Fantastic French Food Destinations

When you think of truly great food one of the top destinations that springs to mind is always France. France is a country renowned for delicious food, talented and innovative chefs, stylish restaurants and wonderful cooking traditions and practices. If you like the sound of eating your way around France then these are the destinations ... Read the full article

The Best of Brisbane

Brisbane might not be one of Australia’s most visited destinations – with many tourists opting for the more popular spots like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. Brisbane is the largest and most populous city of the state of Queensland in eastern Australia. Today it is attracting ... Read the full article

How to choose a Greek Island

Greece features more than 6,000 islands, and over 200 of those are inhabited. Each of the islands is noticeably different, usually with their own cultures, traditions and breath taking landscapes. But which Greek island is the island for you? Let Chapman Freeborn help you decide.   Santorini Santorini is arguably the most romantic of all ... Read the full article

How to choose a Caribbean Island

If you are looking to travel somewhere exotic, beautiful and utterly laid back, then there may be no better destination than the Caribbean. There are just fewer than thirty countries and more than 7,000 islands in this area, all of which are distinctively diverse from one another. So which island should you choose to visit? ... Read the full article

Celebrating Global Team Spirit

On the weekend of the 6th of May 2016, staff at Chapman Freeborn flew from all over the world to Munich to celebrate the success of our global community. It was a weekend to spend quality time with colleagues in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable environment whilst progressing the strategic aims of the business. It ... Read the full article

Fall in Love with Vienna

Austria’s capital city, Vienna, is the type of charming city that visitors simply adore. The former home of Mozart and Beethoven is full of gorgeous architecture and is widely regarded as one of the most culturally and musically rich cities in the world. Here are Chapman Freeborn’s must-dos for your time in Vienna.   Meander ... Read the full article

Chapman Freeborn flies the Olympic Torch

The special guest of the Olympic Games in Rio, The Olympic Flame, travelled by charter flight on a Challenger 850 VIP jet from Athens to Geneva.  It was en route to Lausanne, Switzerland, home to the International Olympic Committee, to be showcased to the UN, before going to Rio to commence its relay at the ... Read the full article

A Couple of Perfect European Summer Destinations

With summer fast approaching, it’s now less than six weeks until the season of sunshine. If you have yet to book a summer holiday for you and your loved ones, then here are two European destinations that we think are perfect for the time of year.   Bordeaux, France If you aren’t a big fan ... Read the full article

Luxury Lakeside Living

There’s something wonderfully romantic about holidaying on the banks of a beautiful lake, and it’s even better when you’re staying in the comfort of a luxurious hotel or villa. Here are some of the world’s most striking lakes, which attract visitors from around the globe.   Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada Lake Louise is a stunning ... Read the full article

The World’s Top Shopping Destinations

Sometimes, we all just need a good shopping spree and what could be better than combining shopping with a spot of world travel? If you’re ready to splash some cash, or just partake of some serious window shopping, these are the best places in the world to do so.   Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai ... Read the full article

The Luxury Travel Market in 2016

Travel is one of the world’s most exciting and ever-changing industries as destinations evolve and grow, and so do the tastes and needs of travellers. Travel Leaders Group CEO, Ninan Chacko, believes that the way luxury travellers choose their travel destinations is also changing, and this has resulted in many destinations becoming more and more ... Read the full article